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Land Use & Design Review Committee

The Land Use/Design Review Committee plays a significant role in shaping the appearance and development of Point Richmond. The work of the committee is to review plans for new construction and renovations to assure that they are consistent with applicable city codes and enhance the neighborhood.

Committee recommendations are made by a consensus of the members present. The projects and LUDRC recommendations are then reviewed by the General Membership. Once recommendations are finalized and approved by the General Membership they are forwarded to the Planning Department for consideration during the project review process. The recommendations are included in minutes of the meeting which are published in the Newsletter of the following month.

The PRNC Land Use/Design Review Committee meets at 6PM on the last Wednesday of the month at the offices of Interactive Resources, 117 Park Place, Point Richmond. Meetings are open to the public.

Project Submittals for Land Use/Design Review Committee

Individuals planning to build or remodel must submit an application to the City of Richmond. The application package required for submittal to the City of Richmond can be found using the following links:

The graphic portions are what you should bring to the Neighborhood Council.

We encourage applicants to meet with us early in the design process to avoid delays or requests for significant revisions to design proposals. Items to be considered must be submitted to Rod Satre, Committee Chair by three weeks prior to the meeting date. Contact Rod at rdsatre@live.com or (510) 232-5059. Meeting is at Interactive Resources, 117 Park Place. Please attend if your project is being considered. Plan on attending the general membership meeting immediately thereafter at 7:30 in the Point Richmond Community Center"

Point Richmond Historic District:

If this is a contributing structure to the Point Richmond Historic District, exterior changes will have to conform to the Secretary of the Interior’s standards. If exterior alterations are contemplated, it would be a good idea to retain a historic architect.

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